Rainfall Readings From Alan Kurzweil:

This column is provided as a service to the homeowners of Firestone Trace to assist in your irrigation and water conservation practices. Experts in the area of healthy lawn and landscape maintenance recommend 1"-1 1/2" of water per week. Excessive watering leads to shallow root growth. In addition, by following these practices you will see a reduction in your monthly water bill!
Firestone Trace has a community well system with an on-site water treatment plant operated by Aqua Ohio Inc.

We also have a community septic system to handle waste water, operated by Orenco Company.  We have community leech fields and a waste treatment plant on property to the north of our subdivision, off Everett Road. 

Each house has a septic tank (not septic field) which holds solid waste while liquid waste (gray water) is piped to the water treatment area.  Each home has an alarm system on their tank which will sound if there is a problem with the tank.  Problems can include the tank getting too full (needs to be pumped) or filters clogging, etc.  It is critical that your alarm system is properly connected to a working phone line for constant monitoring to be effective.  The hazard of a tank getting too full is that it could back-flow into the basement of your house.  

Be sure to check with your builder to verify that your tank is properly installed and the phone line is properly connected.

Q:  What do I do if my alarm sounds? 
A:  First, make sure the alarm is coming from the sewage system monitoring box on the outside of the home.  Other possible sources of alarms are:  sump pumps, carbon monoxide detectors, and smoke alarms.  These can sometimes beep if their batteries run low.  The instructions here do not apply to those of alarms.  If connections are correct on your system, it should automatically contact a monitoring service and a local contact will be made to the person responsible for responding to the alarms.  In most cases there is not an urgent need for on-site work immediately, but rather a 48 hour window exists.  Once the alarm has sounded it is important that the homeowner contact H2O Technologies.  First Call Rick at 330 352-3094  If no one responds call 330 361-3592 If still no response cal 740 361-3592

Q:  The sound of the alarm is driving me crazy.  Can I turn it off?
To silence the alarm go to the panel outside of the house, and you will see a red light illuminated on the panel.  That light is also a button.  Pushing the button turns off the alarm for 2 hours.  If it goes on again, push the button again to get 2 more hours of silence.

Q:  Who is responsible for the pumping and maintenance of our tank?
A:  The HOA is responsible for the regular checking & pumping of tanks and checking of filters.  Maintenance expenses beyond the normal maintenance will be the responsibility of the homeowner.

Safety of Sewage Tank Lids:  For the safety of neighborhood children, please be sure your tank lids are screwed down!  Also, it is best not to cut off the pipes at ground level so that you will not have ground water intrusion into your tank.  You are at high risk of having your sewage tank overflow into your home if it fills with ground water.