The ponds in the neighborhood are designed as storm water retention ponds.  There are some fish in them even though they have never been stocked.

The HOA has erected signs which state:  "Fishing For Owners & Accompanied Guests...Catch & Release Only....No Ice Fishing."  These signs are meant to be a deterrent for outsiders who might wish to fish, but this policy will not be policed by the HOA.  If an individual owner sees outsiders fishing and wishes to ask them to leave, they may.  If there is a circumstance where someone feels uneasy about the persons on the property, the owner can call the Bath police for assistance.

Fishing is catch and release only unless otherwise stated here.

If we have an over-abundance of fish, we will make a notification at this site.  Since this is private property a license is not required.The large ponds are quite deep and the slopes are steep.  Please be careful with your children around the ponds!