What's the dirt on ditches? It's confusing, some have been filled in, with a pipe running under dirt and some have been left open.  In the first few years of our neighborhood's existence we've had varying guidelines on whether homeowners can fill in their ditches or not.  Bath Township is currently taking a hard stance against allowing ditches to be filled in within Firestone Trace.  Their position has to do with the way the neighborhood was originally planned, approved, and constructed.  

 The ARB can not and will not approve any new ditch enclosures.

 The ditches on your property are your responsibility to keep groomed and in such condition that water flows properly.  Our neighborhood does not allow gravel or other products to be laid in the ditch.  So... if you're itching to work on your ditch, check with both Bath Township and the ARB (Architectural Review Board) before doing any work.  

 And please....don't place anything in your ditch which will impede the flow of water when it rains.  This includes trash, debris, dirt deliveries for landscaping projects, etc.